This campaign begins in 1165 in the capital of Kougen Province, Mura Sabishii Toshi. The PCs, all samurai of the Crane Clan, have recently completed their gempukku and been sent here for varying reasons. There will be a number of adventures around Kougen Province during 1165 and when they complete, the campaign will engage a 5 year fast-forward. During this time warp, the PCs will have gone their separate ways, serving the Crane each in their own way. In 1170 the PCs, older and perhaps wiser, will be regathered.

Five years is a long time in Rokugan. Will the bonds of friendship formed in 1165 as young adults survive?


Please create your character on your account so I can invite the character into the campaign. If you don’t want your character stats to be public, let me know and I’ll enter them in the GM Only section of your character. Once PC introductions have been made, I’d like you to at least put some bio information in the fluff section of the character sheet. If there are just some parts of your character sheet you’d like hidden, feel free to put the public stuff in the crunch section and let me know and I’ll put the other stuff in the GM Only section.

Before each PC leaves home to travel to Mura Sabishii Toshi, you’re given your stipend for the new year. This amounts to 10 koku, which is in addition to any money you might have left over from your starting kit. Also, we’re using the house rule that 1 koku = 12 bu = 336 zeni. That way book prices make sense.

The Crane Game

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