Doji Masami

Wife of Doji Kanjiro . Extremely well-connected courtier.


Doji Courtier 3

Location: Mura Sabishii Toshi

Masami is married to the Governor, Doji Kanjiro, and it is widely believed that she may be more well-connected than he is. For sure, no one has ever seen her caught unaware.

The public face of their marriage matches the private assessments of it. Masami is Kanjiro’s willing partner and they share a mutual respect. They have 3 children. The eldest, Kosho, is an Emerald Magistrate serving in Phoenix lands. The middle child, Shizu, is a duellist assigned to the Crane mission in Ninkatoshi. The youngest, Akemi, is a courtier like her parents, currently assigned to their court in Mura Sabishii Toshi .

Doji Masami

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