Kakita Ogai

Famous poet


Kakita Artisan 5

Location: Mura Sabishii Toshi

Ogai is one of the greatest modern poets in the Empire, his verse respected by members of many clans. He is old, well past the time when many would have retired to a monastery. The Crane clan has no interest in pushing such a sublime artist into the shadows of retirement, however. His poetry can make or break a samurai’s career and over the years, many samurai have done him favors and sought his approval, hoping to be immortalized in one of his works.

He is a widower, his wife having died almost a decade ago. Perhaps curiously, none of his children turned out to be artists. His grandson Soetsu, though, is a painter of some talent. The boy graduated from the Kakita Artisan Academy and was immediately tasked in 1165 with attending to his grandfather.

Ogai is a friendly man, able to offer a kind word to nearly anyone and despite his age, he is still clear-voiced and healthy. A minor palsy, necessitating the dictation of his letters, is the only affliction of age that he suffers.

Kakita Ogai

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