Asahina Katsu

Asahina Shugenja


Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3

Water 2 Strength 2 Perception 2

Fire 2 Agility 2 Intelligence 2

Air 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 3

Void 3

Skills Animal Handling 2 Athletics 1 Calligraphy 1 Courtier 1 Defense 3 Etiquette 1 Investigation 1 Lore Ancestors 1 Lore History 1 Meditation 1 Perform (Flute) 1 Spellcraft 1 Theology – Fortunes 1

Spells Sense Commune Summon Counterspell Nature’s Touch Howl of Isora Call upon the wind Speed Growth Path to Inner Peace Heart of Nature

Disads Softheared – will change to Compulsion after fastforward 2 Doubt – (Theology – Fortunes) 4 Fascination – Daidoji war conquests 1 Small 2

Advantages Benton’s Blessing Friendly Kami Air Wealthy Rank 2

Inept – Ansector was a bunbling idiot and his mistakes almost led to his lord’s destruction. For his failures, he was forced to shave his head and retire as a monk. As a further punishment, your lord forever ordered your family to pay for the upkeep of a monastary. You must make sure that the monastery runs smoothly once a month.


What clan does your character belong to? Crane

How would others describe her appearance? She is a traditional young Asahina school graduate. Not so flashy attire for the Crane, but clearly well made robes. It is slightly unusual but not so much to call attention, but she does dye her hair white. In addition, under her robe, the keenest of observers might notice that she has a much more flashy necklace than other Asahina will wear. If asked, she will say it is a gift from her Daidoji side of the family that honors that heritage. Is your character a bushi, shugenja, etc? Shugenja What family does your character belong to? Her father is Asahina and her mother is Daidoji. I also envision her having a brother who is currently training to be a Daidoji warrior. The cranes take the father’s last name, so she is Asahina. She did as a child connect more with her mother, but after training, she is understanding the cool calmness of her father. What is your character’s main motivation? She has been studying under Asahina Zuta (revered Sensei) at the Asahina school. Her main goal if you asked her is to learn her place in how to help the emperor, the Crane clan, and her family in that order. Her unspoken motivations is to understand how her Daidoji ancestors which seem to encourage war merge within her teachings of peace and calmness that she has inherited from her Asahina ancestors and their teachings. She speaks the Asahina talk, but is internally very confused. Who is the person yoru character most trusts? At this point, Asahina Zuta. She also trusts her family. What is your character’s greatest strength and greatest weakness? This is something I tend to figure out more in gameplay. I’ll take a guess at this, but I may morph my answer as I discover what challenges are being brought against my character. Strength – Well-trained and motivated shugenja. She knows her stuff – as she wants to succeed in life. She has agreed to whatever it is we are doing and not staying and meditating and studying in the temples based on Asahina Zuta’s teachings that life is also where lessons are learned – not just through meditation. She has been a star pupil for Zuta, one of the best he’s had in years. Weakness – She is young and unsure of herself and while she can recite the Asahina beliefs, in her heart, she does not believe them. I’m not sure she’s aware of that fact yet though. What does your character think of bushido? She is entranced by it. To be honest, she wanted to be a Daidoji warrior like her mother and is jealous of her brother. What is your character’s opinion of her own clan? Katsu believes the Crane clan is the best clan in all of Rokugan. She is impressionable and believes what is said by her teachers and elders. Is your character married? No – and not really considering it at this point. She wants to follow in Zuta’s footsteps of focusing all his energies on his art of magic and learn much of the world. Does your character have any prejudices? Yes, she wants to bring Asahina’s back into seeing that peace is the answer. (Obviously this will change, but it is often the most conflicted ones who advocate strongly in their youth.) She has a clear preference for Crane over other schools. She also shows favoritism to Daidoji and Asahina’s within the clan. She will bound readily with other group members from these families first. Later in life, I see her desiring harsh punishments for bandits and other criminals. She lacks compassion to their circumstances that have caused them to be bandits. To whom does your character owe the most loyalty? Well if asked, she would answer Emperor, .. etc down the chain. In actuality, she would probably show the most loyalty to her sensei, then family. All of this however is somewhat shaky. She’s a girl who espouses other’s beliefs. If put to the test of death, she would surely hesitate but may perhaps follow through out of honor, training and her desire to believe that these beliefs are her own. What are your characters favorite and least favorite things? She loves stories of warrior’s conquests. She also love glittery elegant clothing and accessories. Neither of which Zuta approves of, but when warrior stories are told, she does listen with just a bit too much interest. Least favorite things – she hates sitting for hours upon end in meditation. She would rather be discussing the world, learning new spells, anything but just meditating. (okay, maybe that’s just me.) Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? Katsu eyes flash with excitement and while her face is not an easy read, often others who know her will catch her excitement. I can’t think of anything else that might be recurring mannerisms. What about your characters emotions? I think this is already touched upon. She is a bit insecure and unsure of herself – like the college graduate who has just started work. She knows what she is to do, but still wants to see that what she was taught will work in this new world. She is not short-tempered and does have true compassion for other’s suffering. How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior? If a peasant spoke out of turn, she most likely would correct the peasant pleasantly enough with an explanation. If it was a more serious offense, she would follow the lead of her sensei ( if at school) or her mother (if at home). Sensei was more forgiving, but could reprimand. Often the threat of a look was enough for Zuta. Mother was much more strict – beatings were common for peasants and servants. (Note, Katsu would not perform the beating, but would threaten to inform Mother or would inform Mother so that the peasant would be beaten properly by a strong warrior.) How would your character’s parent describe her? Father: Very proud of his successful Ashina daughter who has taken the path – become a star pupil and will do great things for the Empire and the Crane Clan. Calm, detached proud father describing his successful dream child. Mother: Proud of her daughter’s success. If unguarded, she may tell stories of the little girl who took on the neighbor’s monkey and how she thought one day Katsu would be a great Daidoji warrior. “Katsu had such spark, but my son has filled that role and is currently training. “ She would be proud, but would prefer to speak of her son. What is your character’s highest ambition? Currently, to be just like Zuta and to find contentment and realize that she does believe the world according to Zuta’s teachings. How religious is your character? On a scale of 1-10, I’d say around a 9. Zuta is a strict pacifist – only eating vegetables. He is one of the most strict in the Asahina clan and is clearly revered for it. He however does believe in learning via the outside world rather than through meditation. (Great by Katsu or she wouldn’t have been such a star pupil) This places him slightly less religious. As Katsu is emulating everything that Zuta does, she is also at this level. If you could, what advice would you give your character? Stop spending time attempting to find yourself via someone else and look within yourself to discover who you are, what you want, and how you can get it. But no worries, tragedy (as is critical in all Japanese tales) will bring Katsu to do this.

Asahina Katsu

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