Kakita Hiro

A young male crane who has trained under the Mirumoto school with his mothers family and spent most of his formative years there in Dragon lands, now returned to seek his fortunes and live among his clan.


Kakita Hiro Male, 19 years old

Mirumoto Bushi


Sta 2
Will 2
Str 3
Per 3
Agi 4
Int 4
Ref 3
Ava 3
Void 4


Bland (unremarkable heritage)
Cant Lie
Personal Attendant 1 (Male, Ushu)



Defense 5
kenjutsu 5
- Katana 1
Kyjutsu 1
- Shugenja 1
- Crane 1
- Crab 1
- History 2
- Blood Speakers 1
- Laq 2
Meditation 1
Theology 1
Etiquette 2
Spears 2
- Go 1
Investigation 2
-Awareness Notice  1
Hunting 1
Riding 1


Yumi Bow
10AP 5FC 5HB
Light Armour
Fine quality Kimono
tattoo needles 
Traveling Pack
Flint & tinder
daisho stand
small hand mirror
spare kimono & sandals
tea set
1 weeks rations 
Whet stone 


15 Koku 

155 Bu 

1200 Zeni





What clan does your character belong to? 



How would others describe your character’s appearance?

13 years old, long black hair with a single white lock that parts in the front, lithe in build and unremarkable in size.  Eyes often down turned slightly as if in thought.  Small dexterous hands and upon careful observation seemingly overly long, whip cord like arms.   Numerous scars.  A single tattoo of a stylized crane along the inner right arm, which is often wrapped and not in sight. 


Is your character a bushi, shugenja, monk, or courtier?



What family does your character belong to?

Kakita, His father and other family members have a long history of service to Crane as Bushi.  


What is your character’s main motivation?

To sublimate his consciousness into dueling so that he might become the greatest duelist he can be


Who is the person your character trusts most?

His mothers Brother, a Dragon Bushi whom he has lived with when not at dojo since he was 7. 


What is your character’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

Extreme focus on his craft

His lost childhood love haunts him.  It is more like losing a twin than a betrothed as they were raised together from birth.


What does your character think of bushido?

Gi (Honesty) It is often better to not speak, for some truths are unkind

Yu (Courage) Courage comes from dedication to ones craft and submission to the Kami

 Jin (Compassion) It is better to cut one thread than to lose the rope

 Rei (Courtesy) Quiet contemplation of the situation is often the greatest courtesy  

Meyo (Honor) There can be no duelist without honor, the first loser is the first to draw without honor in every action

Makoto (Sincerity) One cannot be sincere if one does not know ones own heart

Chugo (Duty) A heavy burden is duty, a heavier burden is a life without honor, duty is the sun and moon to honors day.


What is your character’s opinion of their clan & family?

Crane is a proud and honorable family who have long been the heart of the empire keeping us from letting the savage and brutal world infect our hearts and turn us into barbarians.  We must be careful to not be too prideful and allow arrogance to veil our eyes from those who would use our dedication to the soul of Rokugan to use as a tool to harm it.  The finest glove can cover an open wound from all eyes.


Is your character married?

I am betrothed to my uncle Otomo's niece, she is 11 and still lives with her family in Dragon lands.  She is a gentle and kind person whom I appreciate.  She is aware of my loss of Aeiki and knows that my heart is closed, but still accepts me as a friend.  We have not set a date for our wedding, she is young yet as am I and what of my heart I have as my own is dedicated to my craft.  She will make a fine wife and is well schooled in these arts already.  One day I will make a home with her, perhaps we shall keep a small cabin in her family lands as well for there is much peace to be found in the high mountain reaches of the Dragons lands.


Does your character have any prejudices?

I find Crane food a bit too fancy and rich for my tastes, I prefer Dragon cuisine, including the rare bit of meat that we snuck into the diets under the guise of mountain trout and other euphemisms.


To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?

I am deeply dedicated to my Uncle Otomo, my Dojo and finally my Father.



What are your character’s favorite and least favorite things?

Well made blades are a delight to Hiro, and indeed he has often thought one day he might like to master the skill for the artistry of it.  Hiro also loves paper lanterns at night.  Its a memory of his childhood that has always stayed with him and he will rarely pass a chance to see a lantern parade or the like.

He dislikes pompous duelists who are more interested in their own honor than the honor of the craft.   He finds those who duel for their own egos to be rather sad.


              Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?


When Hiro is thinking he tends to want his hair out of his face so be binds it back.  Hiro also tends to meditate often when he is upset.  It was a common practice in Dragon lands as a student and he finds the lack of time spend in contemplation in Crane lands a distraction.


What about your character’s emotions?

Thoughtful, somewhat distant or seemingly aloof.  A quiet person who will surprise you with the occasional prank.  He is far too serious for his 13 years of age, but the loss of Aeiki gave the child in him little reason for joy.  He current happiness comes from his dedication to his craft.  Since gempuku Hiro has felt a certain levity in his spirit which he has not felt since he was a child.  A sense of completion or perhaps even forgiveness in his loss.


How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?

Ask them to meditate on their actions, if this failed I would task them with some action which forced them to behave in a way that made the behavior difficult or impossible to engage in.  If they continued to fail to live up to their obligations I would dispense justice as needed more severely.  


How would your character’s parents describe them?

A very serious young man who worries them.  He was sent to Dragon lands in hopes of distracting him from his unhealthy fascination with the death of his childhood companion.  He has indeed come back distracted but now he seems a bit overly focused on his dueling to the point of being a bit cold.  They worry if he will ever find happiness or even knew what it was if he did.


What is your character’s highest ambition?

To be no less than the most respected and honored duelist in all of Crane lands


What does your character think of religion? 


A vest source of wisdom can be found in the sincere contemplation of Shinsei, it is a source of comfort



We would do well to honor the fortunes more, but spend less time asking for favors from them



Our ancestors are the foundations of our society and our very culture.  We will ourselves hopefully one day be revered for our good works.  The greatest reward we can hope to have in this life is to be looked upon one day and honored for our wisdom and efforts to make a better tomorrow.  To fail to do the same for our ancestors is to deny ourselves.



The Kami are inscrutable and beyond our kin, their actions are the actions of Gods, we are but mortals and those who meddle in their affairs risk hubris at best.  Honor them, follow them, accept them… but do not aspire to manipulate or be them.



What advice would you character give himself?

Lighten up a bit, your still learning and you have a long road ahead of you to be so serious all the time.

Kakita Hiro

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