Daidoji Shiho

Phoenix Shugenja, wife of Suo


Phoenix Shugenja


Daughter of Shiba Saiyaku and Shiba Motoichi. The war of Fire and Thunder (Mantis – Phoenix), Motoichi’s lands were at the focal point of the conflict. Wanting to keep his daughter safe and knowing of Suo since he saved Saiyaku’s life from a burning Inn during the reign of fire, he approaches the Crane about the engagement. Seeing no real opportunities opening up for Suo soon, the Crane quickly agree to the engagement.

Shiho was born blind, but aside from her inability to read and write, functions well in Rokugani society. She is kind, quiet, but has a beautiful singing voice. For reasons only she or other Phoenix might understand, she sings all spells, which she must memorize (though can still use the scrolls as a focus).

Daidoji Shiho

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