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  • Tsuruchi Tenshin

    Tenshin is a fitting yojimbo for [[:yoritomo-ume | Yoritomo Ume]]. Among samurai of similar rank he is as polite as diplomacy requires, but with lesser samurai and peasants he is a perceptive bully quick to use intimidation to get his way.

  • Tsuruchi Ayako

    Ayako is one of a handful of samurai whose duties at the [[Mantis Embassy | Mantis Embassy]] are to carry messages or run errands of a sensitive nature that the embassy's peasant couriers aren't trusted with. She is a regular sight at the [[Governor …

  • Tsuruchi Toyozo

    Toyozo has been a part of the [[Mantis Embassy | Mantis Embassy]] in [[Mura Sabishii Toshi | Mura Sabishii Toshi]] since 1166. He knows the city and province well and serves as a guide and bodyguard for visiting Mantis samurai.

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