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  • Iuchi Eiji

    Experienced shugenja and one of the few survivors of the Khan's winter march on Toshi Ranbo. Quiet and reserved. Her bodyguard is the ronin [[:shotai | Shotai]].

  • Moto Hanzhi

    A real throwback to the Moto of the Burning Sands, she chafes at being indoors and surrounded by stone walls. Katsu's partner for miya's competition.

  • Shotai

    Dangerous looking bodyguard of [[:iuchi-eiji | Iuchi Eiji]]. Been in service to the Unicorn clan for about a year.

  • Tawagoto

    Quiet warrior in the service of [[:moto-gurban | Moto Gurban]]. Devoted to the art of the sword and believed to be something of a philospher. Has served Gurban and the Unicorn for almost 2 years.

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