Central Border Village

Central Border Village is very nearly a small city. Lying athwart the road from Kitsune Mori Mura to Ookami Toshi, it is the first Crane settlement one reaches after leaving the Fox clan’s forest village. It is also the only major settlement in the central or western parts of Kougen province.

The town is laid out in an open style with the Imperial road curtailing any further growth to the north and the provincial road running straight through the settlement. Clustered on either side of the provincial road are a pair of inns, a tea house, a small geisha house, and a number of craftsmen and merchants.

Like most of Kougen Province’s villages, Central Border Village is surrounded by fields.

The almost-city is served by a pair of magistrates. Rumor has it that if Central Border Village’s growth continues, it will be assigned a governor within the next 1-2 years.

Central Border Village

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