Ookami Toshi

Wolf City overlooks a sharp cliff at the mountains edge. It is well guarded, containing an extraordinary messenger system. If under attack Daidoji runners will spread the news within days, maybe even sooner. Some say the heart of Ookami Toshi holds a great mirror capable of passing messages back and forth to another mirror, hidden somewhere in the Empire, possibly Kyuden Doji.

The approach to the city is a steep but well-maintained road that is easily defensible. From the cliffside perch, one has a truly breathtaking view of the numerous small farming communities below. These farms represent the city’s primary economy and reason for existing. It’s not a large city and sees few visitors from outside the clan, but it’s certainly a busy city.

The troops guarding Ookami Toshi aren’t regular army. They’re officially a militia, raised by the governor and supported by the city’s farming revenue. Squads of ashigaru, sometimes led by a samurai, often times not, are a common sight within the walls. The governor ensures the highest state of readiness via constant patrolling and drilling. It is readily apparent that the city’s defenses are entirely out of proportion to the city’s strategic importance and risk.

This is not to say that Ookami Toshi is run like a war camp or suffers under military discipline. The soldiers are remarkably well-behaved and the citizenry seems as content here as anywhere else. There are a number of pleasant tea houses, bath houses, and sake houses, several lovingly cared for temples, and even a large park within the city’s walls.

Ookami Toshi

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