Suo's Notes

Quick Note

For the most part, this is for my reference. Most times I note things down Suo didn’t witness but other party members did, but sometimes I forget or don’t, so don’t rely too heavily on it to be accurate for all the times he’s elsewhere. but I will make note of everything Suo is aware of.


Session I – 2/15/09
5th of Dragon
Suo heads to Moon Viewing party with Kinnosuke’s entourage, and presents a gift to Doji Masami when welcomed in. Masami informs of the game going on for the viewing: everyone draws a go stone, if white, must tell only truth when the moon is out, if black, can lie or tell the truth as you please. Suo draws a black stone. The viewing has a mix of Lion, Crab, Mantis, and Crane. Suo checks his weapons at the entrance. Introduced to Daidoji Hama and Kakita Karuko, both members of the 37th legion posted in this city. Introduced to head magistrate, Kakita Jotero. unfinished

Session II – 3/21/09
12th of Dragon
Mission meeting at noon at the Governor’s manor. Tactical meeting, each member talks of their particular skills and abilities. Following the meeting, Kinnosuke asks Suo to look for signs of the Daidoji Trading Council and commerce while traveling, and report his impressions.

13th of Dragon
1st day of travel is uneventful. Soetsu is a talker; Ogai is quiet. At first rest stop, Katsu’s determination for everything to go well puts the peasant staff on edge.

14th of Dragon
Kanzen, having noticed the state of the staff, speaks to Katsu about expectations. Day of travel is uneventful. At the rest stop at night, meet Heiji, who is performing a sock puppet theatre. Ogai watches, and after performance, has his servants pay the performers 5 koku. Find out Heiji is headed to Mura Sabishii Toshi.

15th of Dragon
Come across 2 peasant merchants (Daiyu and Koen) on the road, their horse dead, saying a wolf attacked them on the road. They were coming from Nature’s Harmony village. Kanzen gets the full story from them, then consults with Ogai about having time to investigate. Suo finds the tracks, Kanzen tells the peasants to stay on the side of the road, and the party pursues the wolf. Hiro, Kanzen, and Suo track it, and shoot it on first sighting. Kanzen stays with the rest while Hiro and Suo pursue it further to a cave, and kill it with only Suo being wounded. Return to the road, load up the peasant’s gear, and all head on to the next rest stop. Daiyu has enough funds to purchase a replacement horse. Suo gets two new kimono, and Katsu heals him.

16th of Dragon
Midafternoon, arrive at Wolf City. Greeted by group of ashigaru, and Doji Terio, samurai in the militia. Some recall that Doji Ujiro setup Wolf City with an overabundence of defenses over 400 years ago, and Katsu remembers stories of Ujiro’s warrior pilgrimage. Kanzen has a letter of introduction, so goes to meet magistrate. Doji Mitsukuni, junior magistrate, greets us, informs us Kakita Toju, Head Magistrate, has already left for the day. Mitsukuni directs us to a quality inn. At the inn, Toju sends an invite to Ogai to join dinner at the governor’s house next night.

17th of Dragon
Suo and Katsu accompany Ogai and Soetsu around town for their observations and artistic reflections. Kanzen and Hiro deliver the letter of introduction. In the afternoon, Ogai returns to the inn to get ready, and Suo and Katsu wander town, observing merchants, ashigaru, and visit the Temple of 1,000 Fortunes. Katsu blesses some babies during their wandering. That evening, all accompany Ogai to the governor’s mansion for dinner. Doji Hisu, governor’s wife, greets us, and introduces us to those already seated—Doji Ujiro, currnet governor, Doji Tashiyaki, advisor, Daidoji Washi, bodyguard, Doji Zanto, Taiso of the troops, Kakita Toju, head magistrate. Good conversation about the city, resources, etc. At desert, only Ujiro, Washi, Toju with us. After Ogai tells a poem about a bandit, Ujiro waxes philosophical as if he were the original Ujiro from 400 years ago. After the dinner, Ogai and Kanzen agree that his storytelling style was odd, and ancestor spirits might be involved. Conference with everyone, and Ogai agrees it is something that should be looked into.

18th of Dragon
Ogai, Hiro, and Suo go to get permission to search the city’s archives. Kanzen and Katsu go to talk to Tashiyaki and offer our services. Tashiyaki admits several of Ujiro’s line have had this particular eccentricity, agrees to set up a meeting at tea time with Hisu for her to help decide. All believe we need to find out more about the past and present Ujiro. Spend most of the day in research. When tea time comes, Kanzen, Katsu, and Hiro go to meet Hisu; Ogai and Suo stay and continue research. After conversation, Hisu and Tashiyaki agree to allow the research to continue, and to help. They also say Washi protected the previous Ujiro as well, who also had this condition. After the day of research, find enough bits and pieces of the original Ujiro’s journal scattered through the archives to start reassembling it. He mentions a necessary but distasteful task. He says Doji Udaka will be avenged, and does not like the Lion clan. Find the fight that the present Ujiro talked about at dinner completely outlined in the documents. Trace the path of the original Ujiro to Toshi wo Ranbo. Find out Udaka was killed in a duel with a Lion over Toshi wo Ranbo. The one who killed Udaka is only refered to as Ujiro’s nemesis.

Session III – 4/26/09
19th of Dragon
Soetsu, Ogai, Hiro, and Suo hit the street, looking for information on the history of the original Yujiro. Find nothing from the elderly, the veteran Ashigaru, or the priests attending the city shrines. Ogai recommends talking to the magistrates. Meet Mitsukuni, doesn’t know the specific event that granted Yujiro the governorship of Ookami Toshi. Recommends the head librarian or Toju. Speak to Toju, who says the gift was due to seeking vengeance for the death of his master, Udaka. Toju thinks the Lion was a Matsu. Toju makes a veiled insult, assume it’s at the governor’s mental state. Head to library, speak to the head librarian, a peasant. He confirms that the governorship was gifted to Yujiro due to him forswearing his clan to seek vengenace for his lord, and granted upon his return. Kanzen and Katsu talk with Washi; he remembers the Lion that kills Udaka as Matsu Kaoru when asked. They warn him that current Yujiro’s affliction might be caused by his ancestor. Then talk to Hisa, let her know of the journal, ask of the mirror. Hisa seems to have been unaware of its existance. Asks to meet again in the morning. Everyone meets up, trades info. Remember info on Kaoru—Ogai remembers Kaoru getting involved in a duel with a Scorpion after Udaka and did not live to see the other side of it, at least a couple of years after the duel with Udaka. Fits time line; a couple of months after, Yujiro is welcomed back to the clan, and gifted with the governorship. Bayushi Robun was the Scorpion.

20th of Dragon
Morning, Suo, Hiro, Ogai, and Soetsu search library for Kaoru, Robun. Find a courtier report remarking on the death of Matsu Kaoru in a duel with Robun; courtier witnessed the duel in Lion lands, two courtiers sparring over something, Scorpion bullied / manipulated the lion into a duel, and Kaoru was the Lion bodyguard and Robun the scorpion bodyguard, duel was only to the first blood, Kaoru was killed. This note was two months before Yujiro’s welcome back. Kanzen and Katsu go to governor’s mansion, work with Hisa to use Sense Air to look for the nemuranai mentioned in Yujiro’s journal. Find magic in their tea ceremony set, and later a round, foot and a half mirror that is a nemuranai in an old, seemingly unused store room. Katsu susses out how to use the mirror, but cannot locate the sister mirror from here. Kanzen and Katsu try to send a message; wait for some time for a response. No message after half an hour; Hisa sets up a trusted servant to wait and send more messages until the sister mirror replies. Group gets back together in late afternoon. After dinner, discuss tactics for conversation to draw the ancestor out. Arrange to have dinner with the governor the next day.

21st of Dragon
Standard daily activities, Suo continues observation of town and commerce. At dinner, Katsu politely asks the governor to see if she can check his daisho for blessings of the kami, looking to see if a spirit is attached to them. She senses nothing; dinner continues. Ogai starts entertainment with stories of the past, seems to get the ancestor Yujiro started to tell stories of 400 years ago. Kanzen wants to add to the knowledge of the Kakitan school; Hiro wishes to be the best Mirumoto duelist he can; Suo wishes to get vengeance on the lost Samurai responsible for his uncle’s death; Katsu wishes to bring a sense of adventure to the Asahina family; Washi wishes to never fail his charge; Hisa wishes to see the grand gardens in Kyudon Doji goes on; Tashiaki says something appropriate; Yujiro wishes for Ookami Toshi to be so well defended that it will never fall prey to the treachery of the Lion clan. Kanzen steers the conversation towards what Yujiro considers to be his greatest accomplishment to be the flanking of Toshi Wo Ranbo back before Udaka’s death. Hiro steers it to conversation of Udaka’s death – the challenge went through the governor instead of the Lion general for some reason, and Kaoru was the bodyguard for the governor. Kaoru was clearly outmatched, but won, and eta reported odd smells from Udaka’s body. Yujiro forswore the clan so as not to bring dishonor to the clan, then started to track him down. Admits Robun killed Kaoru, but he returned to the clan, and they saw fit to reward him anyway for his dedication with the governorship. He is now going to do everything he can to make sure the city never falls to the Lion. Team coordinates rolls to break it to the spirit that he’s in modern times. He becomes confused as to what’s going on. Hiro tells him that he’s an honored ancestor, Hiro and Katsu get a flash that he is from the Realm of Thwarted Destiny. Hiro offers to do anything for him, he still seems confused. Suo says that perhaps his destiny was not to kill Kaoru, but to build and defend this town as he has. He says if that’s the case, then he doesn’t know how to get back to where he is supposed to go. Katsu asks him to allow her to cast a spell to confirm he is a spirit, and to observe to see that his destiny as the defender of this town has been fulfilled. Katsu casts sense, confirms a spirit is there. Hiro and Kanzen assure him the city is safe; Suo tells Yujiro that he has not not interfered with his ancestors, and suggests he take a walk of the city and see that his destiny has been fulfilled. Yujiro seems pleased, thanks us, and departs. Current Yujiro seems to awaken, we call it an evening, the governor’s entourage thanks us. Discuss plan to go back to governor’s house to make sure everything is good; answer any questions for the governor.

22nd of Dragon
Go to manor; Hisa says she’s told Yujiro of his ancestor. Also says they got a resonse from the mirror, the other belongs to a Kakita in the imperial city. Meet Yujiro; thanks us, Kanzen turns over the journal back to him. Small talk.

23rd of Dragon
Ogai says its time to move on. Head west towards central border village. Middle of day, meet party going the opposite direction. Scorpion, Shosuro Tetsu, Mirumoto Rikako. They say the travel has been fine. Say they’re mapping Kugen province this summer. Scorpion does most of the talking. Have a group of peasants travelling with them. Reach a way station that night.

24th of Dragon
Travel all day, reach next way station. Another samurai at the way station, Kitsune, carrying shugenja bag. Kitsuke Sayako. Katsu hits it off with her, pleasant conversation.

26th of Dragon
Arrive at Central Border Village. Pair of magistrates, expected to grow large enough to have a governor in a year or two. New Prosperity village to the west, Ogai wishes to move on the morning.

27th of Dragon
Get message that magistrate wishes to see the shugenja travelling with us; everyone goes along. Yasuki Sumio greets us. Lets us know that New Prosperity Village is having issues; the locals believe it is animal spirits that are interferring with the operation. Asks if we would be willing to investigate. Says there is a samurai in the village—Daidoji Tadasu, working for Kinnosuke to make sure everything is going according to plan. Says last year was great, but no logging was started. This year, starting in spring, nothing but mischief and problems, like saws breaking, as soon as they tried to start logging. Says Waotaka can assist when we arrive. Letter arrived day before yesterday. Sumio gives us travel rations. Head out towards New Prosperity Village. Suo helps train Katsu and peasants on how to set up camp, Kanzen asks her about animal spirits. Ogai tells the story of the crane maiden to entertain.

28th of Dragon
Travel. Suo keeps an eye out for animal sign. Camp. Looks like a short trip the rest of the way. Katsu grows a cherry tree on the side of the road. Suo takes a bag of cherries, is curious if growing cherry trees might be a way to help calm restless animal spirits to converse, if they are behind the villages problems.

29th of Dragon
Arrive at New Prosperity Village around lunch. Tadasu has a small, rustic estate. Greeted by Tadasu’s servants, then then man himself. Introductions, he sets us up in his estate. Tadasu goes over the story again – adds notes of saws folded in have, people getting lost in the forest, hatchets breaking, but no-one has seen anything. Village was supposed to be far enough way to not be cutting into haunted forest, which is why he called for a shugenja to retest. Problems started the first week. Hiro asks, and Tadasu says Crab, Fox, and Unicorn are who we’re in competition for supplies with, and charging more. Go into forest to the cut, meet Waotaka. Relays reports of his men, the ones that can be trusted and the ones that can’t. He himself says he got lost in the forest which had to be something mess with him, had his lunch suddenly go missing, seen a saw suddenly go dull. Says morale had been high until the spring, when the problems have continued. Frequency now several times a week. Several lunches went missing yesterday. Normal forest activity with the normal animals. Go to the logging site, and investigate the area. No spirits at the time, and no signs out of the ordinary. Katsu wants to put out offeratory, we decide to stay out in a group, back to back, waiting to see if spirits (or humans) show up at the work site. Get prep for the gifts, let Tadasu know the plan. Katsu asks we keep quiet during the ritual so she doesn’t break concentration.


Session IV – 7/12/09
29th of Dragon
Late afternoon, Kanzen, Hiro, Suo see signs of fox tails in the forest; Katsu continues spells. More glimpses of foxes, evening falls. Kanzen sees multiple tails, taps Katsu, tells her when asked of what was sighted. She drops spell, asks if she can speak with it; 3 tailed spirit comes out, Grey Tail, bows, pauses by the offerings. When asked, the spirit says that the tricks are just the nature of the toll for the area. Grey Tail says the loggers should know what they should do if they don’t want the spirits to interfere in their operations. Katsu establishes the kitsune are good with food exchange; when Suo asks, he adds this area is very close the animal realm, and it is easy for many types to cross over here. After long conversation about spirits with Katsu, he leaves.

30th of Dragon
Meet foresters going in, let Waotaka know about the conversation, give him some candy going in. Meet Tadasu, let him know the situation as it stands, likelihood of needing a shugenja posted here. He says he’ll send a note back with us; the party sleeps until after noon. Get letter from Tadasu; head back to Central Border Village.

1st of Serpent
Travel uneventfully.

2nd of Serpent
Get back to Central Border Village, deliver report to Sumio. Katsu sends a letter back to her sensei with Sumio’s dispatches, Suo observes commerce.

3rd of Serpent
Head out to Inari’s Bounty Village.

4th of Serpent

5th of Serpent
Katsu, Ogai, Suo spot a plume of smoke on the horizon, in direction of Inari’s bounty. Group picks up the pace. Midafternoon, reach edge of a large grass fire. Late afternoon, see the fire in the distance, decide to push on through the night to get the village so they have warning. Suo, Ogai, Suetsu remain behind to camp and keep Ogai and Suetsu safe, pass an uneasy night on the burned out plains. Hiro, Kanzen, and Katsu proceed on to alert the village. Requires Katsu’s spells to keep the ponies calm enough to arrive, but arrive early morning.

6th of Serpent
After waking the village, they began to set a fire break to try and protect the village. Katsu uses spells to communicate with kami to make things easier to dig and keep water in the break. Kanzen goes into shrine and helps two monks, one female in her thirties (Rumiko), one ancient male (Minoto), pray to the spirits. Day break, the fire reaches the break, doesn’t cross. By mid-morning, the fire burns out, only setting fire to one hut, one rice field is burnt. Suo, Ogai, Soetsu, and Ushu arrive at village shortly after lunch. Head man, Haru, shows us to the guest house. Ogai goes to pray, he and Minoto exchange pleasantries. When asked, Minoto says they met in court before, known as Kakita Kekuko. Kanzen knows he was a famous duelist. Also knows Kinnosuke, also met through court. The rest go to rest, Suo watches over Ogai and Soetsu.

7th of Serpent
Ogai and Minoto talk more during the next day. Suo, Kanzen, Katsu sit with and listen to Minoto and Ogai’s conversations, and listen to differences between a bushi’s point of view and the artisan’s. Rumiko participates, seems to have been a peasant that has become a monk. Hiro practices the blade and horseriding to a small amount.

8th of Serpent
More conversations, Suo and Kanzen practice horseriding, Suo and Hiro practice kata. Katsu plants some strawberries and fast grows them.

9th – 12th of Serpent
Daily pattern of training, conversations.

13th of Serpent
Hiro asks Ogai politely about when he’s ready to move on, Ogai says whenever the group is ready. Learn that Rumiko has been here a long time; had petitioned the Brotherhood of Shinsei to become a monk.

14th – 26th of Serpent
Daily pattern of training, conversations.

27th of Serpent
Ogai is ready to move on, wants to go to River’s Fork Village. Travel along the river.

28th of Serpent
Travel uneventfully.

29th of Serpent
Small village along the river, known basically as Village number 11. Their rice silo seems to have suffered from fire recently. Kagetoki, village headman, comes out to greet us. Says two nights ago, rice storehouse was struck by lightning, and much rice was lost in fire and rain. Next day, they also found three most fertile rice paddies dried and barren, as if no water all year. Since, wind has been blowing unseasonably. They have dispatched men to River’s Fork village for help. Lead back to the village. After some questioning, says a Ronin shugenja, Genjiro, came through a few days ago, offering to trade his ability to speak with the kami for food and shelter. 3 days ago, he claimed they were not honoring his agreement, and left. Said he helped grow the rice, helped have the Earth kami repair some dikes. Kanzen, Katsu, Ogai, and Soetsu head to the rice storehouse first to investigate. The strike looks unnatural, Katsu speaks to spirits. From the kami, it seems like this was brought down by Shugenja. Move to the rice fields, find them dead, dried, barren. Katsu checking the field, seems someone used the Banish spell on the fields, possibly 3 to 4 castings per field. Seems something else was cast to kill the plants. She runs out of the field, goes to the fields that have been fast growthed. Talkes with earth and water kami, gets an image of Genjiro, confirms he is more powerful. Hiro and Suo have a relatively fruitless search and conversation with the villagers. Meet up, Kanzen asks Kagetoki to bring a couple of villagers last seen with Genjiro, then information dump. Two peasants say he was rambling to himself about the peasants not letting him be before he started yelling at them. Left later in the day. Katsu asks to be taken to where he had his fit, talks to the earth kami. Katsu, Ogai, and Soetsu turn in the for the evening, Suo stands guard. Kanzen and Hiro wake up and question the peasants that night. Within 30 minutes, find a peasant who says he just commented that Genjiro was in the Yotodama clan (minor branch of the Asahina). Genjiro stopped prayers immediately, and stomped away. Kanzen and Hiro get the info, then turn in for the night.

30th of Serpent
Next morning, confirm the Yotodama family status, then decide to head out after the ronin. Katsu employs a dog, go to the path we think Genjiro left from. Suo finds a path, but dog can’t smell anything yet. Follow the path for several hours, follow a fork where he heads towards the river. Get to the Imperial road, the dog picks up the trail as well—back home. We let the dog out. Follow the trail to the river’s edge, continue into 3am or so tracking.

1st of Horse
Cut sleep short, pick up the trail and continue. Early afternoon, following trail, see a large patch of grass that looks Speed Growthed. Alert party, Suo and Hiro proceed forward to the grass. Hail, no response. Hiro hears a noise, warns that no answser is taken as hostile. Katsu hears a spell, then flame errupts for many square feet in front of Suo and Hiro. Everyone breaks towards the river. Short, brown haired man cuts from the other side of the fire to the river, Suo and Kanzen move to intercept. Suo closes, tries to grapple, and the man uses a trained maneuver to push him past. Shugenja goes into the river, Suo follows. Shugenja wins the grapple, Hiro stabs him, he releases to flee to the river. Suo grapples again. Hiro jabs him, Suo gets control again, starts bringing in back to shore. Shugenja lightning bolts himself, when he dies, he changes back into the description of Genjiro. Haul him back to shore. Everyone else moves away so Suo can take the honor loss of burning the body, when his gourd turns into a Badger spirit with a stumpy tail, then a short, round human form. He offers to mess with the body to keep Suo from taking honor loss, and Suo agrees. It says it had nothing else, and moves the body to the burn site. Suo thanks him, he says be kind to animals, then says should we meet again, he’s Stumpy. Suo goes back to the group, reports the sighting.

Session V – 1/24/10
1st of Horse
Only info we have from Genjiro is his scroll satchel, Katsu looks it over. Katsu and Suo search the area where Genjiro sprung from hiding, do a search of his original patch and find a small patch of silk from a kimono with the Yotodama clan. Katsu commmunes with earth kami – the silk belonged to Yotodama Masazumi, and the earth said it got in the shugenja’s possession because Masazumi-san lost his honor. Says Masazumi-san lost his honor because he forgot the face of his ancestors.

2nd – 11th of Horse
Travel back to Mura Sabishii Toshi, uneventful.

12th of Horse
Suo reports into Kinnosuke, delivers bag of cherries as gift to Maya. Gives report of commerce to Kinnosuke, gives his assessment that he understands the Daidoji Trading Council better, but diplomatically says his interests are more militaristic. Katsu talks to her mentor, Yoshiko, delivers report on New Prosperity village. Delivers scroll satchel, Yoshiko doesn’t know much about the Yotodama, but will deliver info if they can share it. Works on her shrine to Benten. Kanzen delivers his reports to the Governor. Governor says one quarter in Toshii Ranbo explodes; Crane doing joint investigation with the Lion. Dinner with the governor that night; meet Doji Narue. Follow-up with announcement that Narue will join the group. Suo decides to research Masazumi-san at the local archives.

13th of Horse
Suo spends fruitless day in research on Yotodama, doing some training with the Crane. Katsu works on Benten’s shrine.

14 – 15th of Horse
Trip to Nature Harmony’s Village.

16th of Horse
Arrive, greeted by headman, guided to guest houses, no notable events. Ogai and Suetsu watch the sunset, evening passes.

17th of Horse
Ogai and Suetsu go to coast with Hiro, rest of group get tour with headman. On the tour, Suo spots a cave, headman has never seen it before. Go to investigate, worked rock face on the cave, looks like it was exposed by spring thaw. Workers examine the site, decide they can open it in a few hours. Old style Crane carvings in the entrace hall. Two miners come in with us, 20’ in, large door, original Yasuki family mon. Another hall, another large door, leads us to an oppulent tomb. Kanzen sends a runner back to get the others. Katsu uses air spell to get Ogai up. Ogai believes it is the tomb of the first Yasuki, says we need to tell the governor immediately. Hiro stays behind to guard the tomb.

18th of Horse
Travel back to Mura Sabishii Toshii.

19th of Horse
Arrive at night at Mura Sabishii Toshii, go to the governors, give the report. Ogai decides he has his inspiration, would like to go back to his estates. Suo goes back with Kanzen to stay at the Governor’s manor.

20th of Horse
Suo reports into Kinnosuke, is told to take the day off. Kanzen talks to governor about dispatch to relieve Hiro.

21st of Horse – 19th of Monkey
Down time; training, no real assignments, group has the occasional lunch together.

20th of Monkey
Clouds suddenly darken overhead. Blood rains from the skies.

At a tea house garden, Yukata goes insane and attacks Suo and Kinnosuke. Suo beats him down, takes him and Kinnosuke indoors.

Kanzen is at the governor’s estate, hear’s Akemi scream, runs to the gardens. Shuichi advances on Akemi, won’t listen to Kanzen when he tries to talk him down, but instead attacks. Shuichi seems to be supernaturally strong, Kanzen cuts him down.

Katsu and the Asahina are horrified at the sight. No animals seem to be affected. Sends her falcon towards the governor’s manor for instructions.

Narue sees the insanity at the governor’s manor. Runs to find the governor. Gets a guard detail, is sent back to her room and ordered to stay indoors.

Kanzen finds some paper umbrellas on the island, gets Akemi and runs back to the manor proper. Go to meet the governor, explain Shuichi’s situation. Get Katsu’s message, sends message to stay put. Narue brings clothes to Akemi.

Suo, a Daidoji, a Crab, and a Mantis fortify the tea house, lock it down, manage to get in a few more peasants. Yukata passes. 30 minutes later, the rain ends. Kinnosuke wants to get back to governor’s manor, grab the Daidoji and head that way. Get back to governor’s place, Kanzen has cleaned up. Reports of people that succumbed still being under affect of the rain. Governor asks us to grab a courtier, go to the Asahina, then head to the warehouse district. Grab Narue, go to Asahina estates. Grab Katsu, get a bit of healing. Burning inn with someone screaming, Suo dispatched to start a bucket brigade, rolls in blood then runs through fire to bring down Shiba Saiyaku (husband Shiba Motoichi) and her two servants. Asks a peasant to guide her back to Asahina quarters. Group continues without Suo, another fight in the inn, group goes in. Daidoji there, killing peasants, says they should help kill spies. Starts to go upstairs, Katsu knocks him down with spell. Narue talks him down, he flinches from a purification ritual, sends him to his quarters. Sweep the warehouse district, heading to the food stores. Sounds of fighting at the docks—swirling Crane / Mantis melee. Kanzen gets some of the Crane and Mantis to stand down, sends Suo and the sane guard to the center. Try to get Nene to stand down, doesn’t, take her down with 6 losses. Narue gathers men to help get water brigades to the ships. Katsu does some healing, stays with Kanzen. Narue tries to talk men down. Stay and hold the warehouse district.

21th of Monkey
Dawn, mix of 20 Crane and 10 Crab come to relieve us. Crab Sergeant tells us maho was involved, that those driven crazy by the rain seemed to have been tainted. Relieve crazy survivors of their weapons, all but one comply. We head back to governor’s manor. Get cleaned up, meet with the governor. Says that the rain seems to have been far ranging. Meet back up with Hiro.

Five Years Pass

Suo's Notes

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