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  • Bayushi Maru

    Maru is a young, but experienced Bayushi bushi. She's new to the responsibilities of the Emerald Magistrates, inducted into the organization as part of a wave of recruiting that took place after Shosuro Jimen secured the Emerald Championship. Maru can …

  • Soshi Shizue

    Soshi Shizue is a young woman with ethereal, almost otherworldly features. Her detached attitude and ability to speak with the kami give her an even spookier vibe.

  • Shosuro Fumiko

    Shosuro Fumiko is an experienced, highly observant courtier. Though older than [[:bayushi-maru | Bayushi Maru]], she is never observed to be anything but properly deferential. By comparison to [[:bayushi-maru | Maru]], while Fumiko is often times …

  • Bayushi Shotaro

    Bayushi Shotaro is a warrior and skilled investigator. While he is good at examining a crime scene or tracking a criminal, he truly excels at interviewing suspects; his charming smile and friendly, sincere demeanor have extracted a number of confessions …

  • Bayushi Tetsu

    Bayushi Tetsu is a man in his late 20's being left behind by his peers. For a variety of reasons, all of which he is loathe to discuss, he has never been given even a moderately good appointment and thus has had little opportunity to distinguish himself …

  • Bayushi Hiroshi

    Hiroshi is a fabulously wealthy merchant of the Scorpion Clan, known for his thoroughly ostentatious mask, which is made up of Scorpion-minted koku.

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