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  • Takuya

    Takuya is of medium build with a swarthy complexion. The rest of his band obeys his orders without question. His manner is quiet, direct, and hard.

  • Seiho

    Seiho is second in command of [[:takuya | Takuya's]] ronin band. He's a big guy who prefers a tetsubo in combat. He has a rural accent and something of a folksy demeanor away from the battlefield. When talking with the PCs, he told a story that Narue …

  • Gengyo

    Gengyo is a quiet and graceful swordsman given only to brief, abrupt conversation. He appears to have some level of affection for [[:chikuma | Chikuma]].

  • Yaeko

    Yaeko is a middle-aged woman with short, graying hair and a scar from her left ear to the corner of her mouth. She is responsible for maintaining her compatriots' armor, weapons, and gear. Originally from Dragon lands. Left in 1160 when the Lion …

  • Chikuma

    Chikuma looks to be only 16 or 17 years old and behaves in a very deferential, perhaps almost fearful, manner around most people. She is romantically linked to [[:gengyo | Gengyo]].

  • Masayoshi

    Masayoshi is a small man, short and wiry, with a mountainous chip on his shoulders. He is downright mean and spiteful and fights with a feral intensity.

  • Shige

    Shige is an experienced tracker and outdoorswoman, more skilled with the bow and the spear than the sword. She has little to say and much prefers to have the open sky above her than a roof. Prideful, but doesn't need to denigrate someone else's skills.

  • Masaru

    Masaru is a gruff, bow-legged young man with a big and obvious grudge against the Crab clan. He knows how to sail and is at home on the water. Part of a 150 strong Crab unit that was nearly wiped out. He says the commander was to blame for poor patrol …

  • Soh

    Soh is a skilled tracker and outdoorsman, but unlike his associate [[:shige | Shige]], he prefers the sword. A deep, puckered scar runs across his throat from ear to ear and is the presumed cause of his inability to speak. Looking at the wound, it's …

  • Eien

    Eien is only a middling swordsman but his fast-talking patter could put a Yasuki merchant to shame. He's responsible for keeping [[:takuya | Takuya's]] band supplied. True ronin from Crab lands. Grew up in the city. Been with Takuya about 5 years. …

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